CASHLOGY is the latest cash technolgy designed specifaclly for retail poin of sale.

Payment on CASHLOGY can be accepted by cash via coin slot and bank note scanner, the scanner detects fake notes. This is the latest generation of theft-preventing sales systems

CASHLOGY has an attractive design, are easy to operate and provides optimum theft protection. Choosing the right coin acceptors or euro bill validators will help prevent fraud by ensuring honest purchases.

This system is easy to use for store employees and dispenser can be conveniently refilled

5 cent to 2 euros coins access
Authentic note scanner access
Full cash management
no drawers-access needed
Restricted key acess to cash and change drawers

Additional Benefits of an CASHLOGY for Your Business Provides maximum theft protection and anti-burglary security. Integration and Interaction with our business management modules as a whole system:

  • Manages policies for customer loyalty, membership cards and variety of offer types and promotions.
  • Record keeping of sold items.
  • Offer the choice of sizes and colours.
  • Provide connectors that synchronize on-line sales.

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